Tuesday, May 1, 2012

White knobs against ZEUS !

Navette Ulysse 31, Popy, Macau,
Nono on scooter, Popy, Macau,

Odysseus, Popy, Macau, 1980's
Nono, Popy, Macau, 1980's

Ulysse(s) 31 is a Franco-Japanese animated television series that aired in 1981. During 26 episodes, Ulysse, his son Télémaque and Themis will try to pass the different traps and challenges set by Zeus and the gods of Olympia to find their way back to earth. It re-enacts classical mythology with a Sci-Fy background.
Toymaker Popy had a very nice line of diecast spaceships and robots for the show. But just like Takara with the Star Wars license in Japan (windup R2D2), Popy had to issue some white-knob versions of these.

Familly pic.

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