Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gakeen robot

In the aftermath of Mazinger and other super robots, let me present you mighty Gakeen. (don't confuse with Gaiking - same genre, but completely other serie).

Takara created a diecast Magnemo version of the robot (= with magnetic joints so that it could be taken apart). Originally part of the Henshin Cyborg line - but quickly merged with the Microman line.

This one is also interesting... it has a sort of disc activated by a crank... seems to me some kind of voice box, or some kind of dynamo to produce electricity... (hence the magne robot name...) The company logo "ONDA" on the back of the robot is not one of the mainstream toy-makers for Japanese robots... Some sub-division of Takara ?

Magne robot Gakeen, Onda, Japan,

In the chest is a weird mechanism activated by a crank in
the back... did not find out yet what it does...

The head is detachable, and the box comes with a sort of keyholder that lets you fix that part so you can carry it with you to school and other fun places (while leaving the body of the robot home).

Very weird concept. I can imagine the average Japanese kid in the 70ies with a bunch of robot heads dangling from their rucksacks...

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