Thursday, May 24, 2012

Action figures - Space Pirate style !

Harlock, Tadashi and Key, Takara, Japan, 1978

Takara and Takatoku were the 2 toymakers in Japan that followed the original line of Captain Harlock toys. Here are the 3 Takara action figure toys that were made at that time. Each one came with detachable belt and pistol(s) - and harlock had a fabric cape. As a collector, I like these blisters a lot because they have a "sliding" bubble and could be opened and closed again after play (why don't my Star Wars figures have blisters like that ?). Each figure also came with plastic stand.

Captain Harlock, Takara, Japan, 1978

Key Yuki, Takara, Japan, 1978

Tadashi Daiba, Takara, Japan, 1978

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