Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey ! A bunch of Metro's

(from left to right: Diecast Popy (Singapore),
Plastic Popy (Macau), Plastic Maia e Borges (1983 Portugal))

Aren't you ashamed of dressing like that ? People will
see your underwear !
Another of the great cartoons of my childhood - and another co-production between French and Japanese studios. They had a serie about humankind ("Il était une fois l'homme"), about the human body ("Il était une fois la vie") and about space ("Il était une fois l'espace").

Wonderfull mecha (= spaceships and other futuristic designs for the non-geeks between you) and great stories - with hints of pacifism and ecologic hidden messages.

Hocus Pocus...
...and I am a helicopter !