Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Unknown Pyro desintegrator rifles...

Space rifle, Fábrica de Plásticos Hercules,
Portugal, 1950's

These ones will require some information. Facts: 
  1. they were found in Guimarães (Portugal). 
  2. no markings whatsoever
  3. they are a copy of the famous Pyro rifle, but with slight details (3 vents instead of 5 on the barrel  plain crank, no name on the painted part of the stock...)
  4. size is the same as Pyro
  5. mechanism works the same way (you turn the crank and the barrel moves in and out and in...)

So here you have it. The maker is still unknown, Maybe Pepe, Osul, Jato (Ermesinde) or Hercules (Espinho)... Even though Pepe and Osul have been known to produce plastic rifles and pistols, my best bet up to now is another company called Ribeirinho in Guimarães. (namely because of where it was found and the "fragile" quality of the plastic that they used).

Thanks to the help of fellow collectors, I can tell the maker : Fábrica de Plásticos Hercules.

Here is a full description of the company and how they produced plastic molds and sold them all over the world: http://f.hypotheses.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/425/files/2009/09/tese_mestrado_nuno_gomes.pdf.

They did participate in a number of trade fairs in the USA and other countries. Maybe this is how Pyro got hold of them. For the fun factor, if they really produced the molds for the space rifle, this would mean Pyro only had a second run, which would indicate why the Pyro guns had some engravings that these guns don't have. (it doesn't seem anything was "erased" afterwards).

Twins, how nice... 
Barrel detail - upper parts move at turn of crank
For comparaison, here are some pictures of the "Real Mc Coy" made in USA by Pyro (stock/archive photos - not mine)

Pyrotomic desintegrator rifle (red), USA,
Some came with white lettering ?

and in bronze...

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