Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh no James...

James Bond DB6, Husky, UK,1968
James Bond DB5, Corgi, UK, 1970's
For queen and country... and before out favorite agent got his hands on BMW's and other German metal, his ride and the one that defines him was this... the DB5. This is one of Corgi Toys best selling toys ever, and no wonder ! It has all the gimmicks of the real one: ejectable seat, bullet screen and submachine guns in the grille. Earlier models also had tire-slasher and revolving license plates. Gama and Gilbert and lots of other toy companies got their try at the same model - some like Husky with a DB6 instead of a DB5... 
All in all one of the Hall-of-Fame toys of entire generations. 

One of the original ads for the Corgi model - 1966
And the model continues to live on... with more details but less play-value... A good example of what toy safety standarts did to kill spring loaded mechanisms... 

James Bond DB5 - Eaglemoss - China - 2006

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