Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spiders in the attic ? - ask Corgi for help !

Toymakers were very eager to cash in on any profitable license... this is true today like it was true in the past. British toy-company CORGI made a number of Spidey toys that never appeared in the comics of in the cartoons. 

Spidercopter, Corgi Juniors, England, 1970's

Why would Peter Parker need a helicopter, or worse, a bike, ifhe can jump from one tower to the other with his web ?

Spiderbike, Corgi Juniors, England, 1970's

The design is nice though - the big helicopter is a mixture of scorpion with arachnid. Talking about 2 bad bugs for the price of one !

Spidercopter, Corgi, England, 1979

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