Thursday, June 7, 2012

Real fast...

Bluebird MK II, Johillco, England, 1931

In 1931, driving to 245 miles an hour (394 km/hr.) was no small feast. Speed legend Malcolm Campbell did it with this car, the Bluebird with a supercharged 26.9 lt., 1450 Bhp Napier Lion engine on Daytona Beach. He was knighted on his return to Britain because of this record.

The tires have suffered... so did the originals !

Even the underside of the toy shows the record !
Original postcard - pure speed

This was not the first Bluebird and the car continued its evolution... More powerfull / more streamlined...
Pretty soon the Napier engine was gone and replaced by a Powerfull Rolls Royce powerplant.

2 Bluebirds, behind the MK II from 1931 and up
front the redesigned version of 1935 (the real one had twin back wheels...)
(A.R. toys, France)
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