Sunday, June 17, 2012

Flying carrier

Because landing in the air can be much more fun than landing at sea. At least, this is what the Angels told me. Do you know them all ? Rhapsody, Melody and Harmony, Symphony and Destiny Angel...

Spectrum logo on front

3 tiny Angel Jets ready to take off...
... and a control room high above the landing deck

In the Captain Scarlet series, this "flying fortress" was called Cloudbase. This is to my knowledge the only toy that was made of it when the show aired originally (except for some IMAI model kits). Later on toycompany Vivid Imagination got a go at it...

Cloudbase, Bandai, Japan, 1960's


  1. Wow!! Totally cool!! What a spectacular acquisition! An airborne aircraft carrier! We can see one of those (similar, that is)in the recent movie "Avengers"!
    : )

  2. Yes ! Copycats ! lol ! I think, due to the age of the series, that this was the original idea !