Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Comansi Spacemen - futurism made in Spain.

To illustrate one of the many companies that produced toys in neighbour Spain, I present you some of the plastic Space / Astronaut / Thunderbirds figurines. The design is fabulous. Please read more about this here: The astronauts I got all have "OVNI" and a number "2000, 2001, ..." printed on the base. The figurines from the Thunderbirds (bigger heads - easily recognizable) do not have markings.

Astronaut, Comansi, Spain, 1960's

The nice thing about these figurines is that they came in a variety of sets and boxes, and that collectors are finding very interesting mixtures of sets - even including cowboys and indians... Some more expensive sets (Thunderbirds window boxes / UFO etc.) had them even hand-painted. Please see the astronauts sold in "Battle of the Planets" packaging here...

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  1. Listing three in SHOCKING PINK on ebay, as 'pylgrym'!