Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brother - brother ? Robot - robot ?

These 2 are from the same period - the same country - but definitely false twins. This is why Japanese toys are so interesting ! The basic character is the same. But molds, colours etc. are all different. The Bullmark version (orange) is articulated at waist level. The red one at head and arms... A third version exist, all diecast metal, made by Bullmark (Zinclon toy-range) that has little dice in the belly ! No need to go to Vegas anymore...

Curricula Machine, left unknown,
right Bullmark, Japan, 1974 
Curricula Machine, ?,
Japan, 1974 
Curricula Machine, Bullmark,
Japan, 1974 


  1. The Mark of the Bull...impressive design! Unfortunately i think anyone else here in Portugal understand it, but you´re right...who needs Las Vegas?

  2. Well, at least we're 2 here to understand "the true meaning of Bullmark" lol ! They really made some amazing toys. Right there on my list with Nakajima, Popy, Takatoku and Nomura, just to name a few !