Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Captain Koenig ? Where are you ?

Some spaceships remain iconic, like the X-Wing or the USS Enterprise: Gerry Anderson's shows had a good share of these also : Thunderbirds craft, UFO Interceptors, ... and of course Eagles. And we're not talking about the pop group here...

This is another flea market find. Lots of cleaning needed - and some restauration. I am not even sure of the toy maker - but I guess it may be MPC or Airfix, since they were the companies that made the original kits (and the white plastic was quite yellowish when I bought it - which makes me believe it is really vintage)
The size is larger than the Dinky diecast - and better detailed.

Eagle, MPC/AIRFIX, ?, 1975

Eagle, DINKY TOYS (front) - MPC/AIRFIX (back)

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