Thursday, February 16, 2012

The green mean machine !

Thunderbird 2, Bandai, Japan, 1992

Extra Pod and vehicles, Bandai, Japan, 1993

The Japanese kids were hooked on Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds serie back in the 60ies - with fabulous toys being made.And when in the 1990's the series aired again, both in Europe and in Japan, they were not going to import the Matchbox from that period, but were going to make their own version of these toys. 

The result is this big green T-2, maybe not as fine as its British counterpart, but definitely in sinc with the big models of that spacecraft that were seen on TV. And as an extra bonus, they could order the pod separately with not one little Thunderbird 4, but with ALL the vehicles of the serie. (firefly, mole, excavator etc.) They even have the small FAB 1 that could fit inside. 

Off you go, Parker ! And don't scratch the paint...

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