Sunday, February 12, 2012

Car dealership of the future...

Gobot Combiner Puzzler, Tonka/Bandai, 
Japan, 1980's
Lamborgini, check ! Porsche, check ! Mercedes, check...

For me, this robot represents the end of the golden age for robot toys. Sure, it was still diecast (well, part) and it had a nice concept, but it is clearly missing the missiles and sprung laden features of Popy toys 10 years earlier...

It was one of 3 "put them together" toys of the Gobots line, a Bandai/Tonka attempt to cash into the Transformers craze of the 1980'ies. Did it succeed ? nope. (but it's a nice spinoff nevertheless.)

Lack of flexibility - parts that did not hold well together just from the start, much les after 10 hours of playtime.

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