Sunday, February 5, 2012

At your launching stations, and quickly !

Space Satellites with launching site, Luois Marx & Co., USA,
One of my son's (David) favorite toys, this one is quite old but works as it did in the 50's. Put the flying discs/saucers on the top of the tinplate base, crank the wooden handle and zwooooooof - there goes the paint of our living room's ceiling.

Very effective - and definitely made before any "don't get my kid into hospital" protectionistic movements that made contemporary toys oh soo dull. (oh yes, because I forgot to tell you - at the left of the toy (blue disc with 3 pins) came a spring-loaded missile - and yes, sharp it was - and even more soo powerfull !) If you weren't that lucky, you could easily loose an eye on that one.

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