Sunday, January 15, 2012

Very futuristic and oh sooo British !

England was very technologicaly enclined in their toy industry, and it is no wonder that the big names like Britains, Johillco, Charbens or Cherilea that produced toy soldiers started sooner or later to produce their futuristic lines...
Spaceman, Cherilea, G.Britain, 1950's
Spaceman, plastic copy of Cherilea, Hong Kong ?
Spaceman, Cherilea, G.Britain, 1950's

Spaceman, Cherilea, G.Britain, 1950's
Spacegirl, Charbens, G.Britain, 1950's

... note that the plastic copy of the Cherilea spaceman is about a head higher than the original lead soldier.


  1. ..nom d'un petit clou c´est du Osul! du TRÈS RARE set de 6 figurines plastoc années 60 avec présentoir carton décor - os marcianos - "inspirés" des diecast Cherilea.
    (Vas y efface mon commentaire stp et a+ avec des moules et puis des frites, une fois :) na feira da ladra

  2. C'est vrai ? C'est Portuguais ? Não fazia a mínima ideia... tens uma foto do set completo ?

  3. yep.. j´le met sur ebay dans qq jours ;)

  4. I recently aquired a few of these from an uncle...he's asking for help as to where I could appraise their you have any ideas? we have the spaceman with the red gun and the spaceman with the air line except ours is red and we also have a few of the robots that were included in this set.
    let me know if you can help: