Sunday, January 15, 2012

ex-Commonwealth plastic - Part 2...

I already showed the X-40... here with the others...

X-50 Spaceship, ?, Hong Kong, 1960's ?

 X-40 Spaceship with Shooting Capsule, No. 232 ?, Hong Kong,
1960's ?
X-30 Space Explorer, No. 303 ?, Hong Kong,
1960's ?

X-40 Spaceship with Shooting Capsule,
No. 232 ?, Hong Kong, 1960's ?
X-30 Space Explorer, No. 303 ?,
Hong Kong, 1960's ?
X-30, X-40, X-50 Family photo
There is still one on my wish list of these (the truck and rocket) If you have one available at reasonable price please let me know.

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  1. superb collection Geoff, they really are beautiful toys and not well known really. There are 4 more to get: X60, X70, X80 and X90. Together they must look fabulous. I have 2 to get but they have proven hard to find and very expensive so I remain without. Some collectors believe these toys to be JR21 on account of the box art, which is similar to other known JR21 toys. However they don't have the classic JR kitemark and some of the model numb ers clash with other known JR model numbers. Tricky to define but a truly gorgeous space toy fleet. Have you managed to find any more?