Monday, January 30, 2012

Blockhead, squarefaced Robert the Robot

Need braces ?

Robert the Robot, Ideal, USA,
Maybe a far-off cousin of the rivetted vinyl robot below... This one is the classic skirted (=no legs - just a base with wheels) bot. Works with a crank like device that makes its wheels turn and the arms go up and down.

The later versions did not have the clear plastic parts on the head.


  1. Really? An original Robert the Robot here in Portugal? Where did you find it? I only have the Ideal's 2004 repro, this is a amazing toy...
    "I'm Robert the Robot, the Mechanical Man. Ride me and steer me, wherever you can", beautiful... this is the second version (chest red rivet, no tools but already with voice), there are at least 4 versions of this robot. The 2004 50th Anniversary Ideal's repro did use the same mold and have the clear plastic parts, but body is all grey and different type of plastic, we must compare them some day.
    Best Regards

  2. Yes, an original Robert in Portugal ! Came from the USA. Unfortunately, on the older toys the crank that makes the "voice" of the robot sound is not always working - the needle looses contact with the disk.

  3. Ok, pensei que tinhas comprado por cá, ficava ainda mais surpreendido, uma belíssima aquisição com ou sem voz...os humanos tambêm ficam roucos...
    Já tens alguma informação da 2ª feira do brinquedo no hotel Roma? Vi comentado em qualquer lado que ia ser em Março, mas não tenho nenhuma confirmação.