Saturday, December 3, 2011

"Il était une fois l'Espace"

Era uma vez o Espaço (figurinas), Maia e Borges, Portugal,
Another cartoon, this one going a little deeper into human condition, future prospects and the creation of the universe. "Il était une fois l'Espace" followed another multi-country success series "Il était une fois l'homme". Even though it was a French cartoon (Procidis company), other countries like Italy, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Israel participated all in the production.

What made it quite interesting is that it became a multicultural and equalitarian cartoon with "progressist" themes and ideas. For example, Psi, (middle of image) was black - quite unheard of for a cartoon character (and protagonist) of a 80'ies TV serie. Even the president of the republic of planet Omega was a woman, democratically elected...


  1. Who is the character on the left, i have owned one for about 20 years and have no clue who or what he is...

  2. The smaller character is called in French "le Nabot" ("the Runt") and is one of the 2 evil guys (together with "Le Teigneux" - "Scabby" just next to him on hte picutre). They both represent all that is bad and evil in the serie.