Friday, December 23, 2011

Bandai + Vinyl = pure toy-love...

One of all time bests for the Shogun Warriors line is Gaiking - here in the Bandai version with "scope" so you can look down and see all your enemies through the skull's eye.


Gaiking, Bandai, Japan, 1970's


  1. Heil to the King... nice vinyl, the card featured a white "P" in a red circle, a nod to Popy, it was sold by Bandai but from a Popy mold, the logo was also used on toys sold by "Robin" another Bandai spin-off company. Beautiful head sculpt and detail!
    Best Regards

  2. Thank you :) You are really the expert in these ! I wish I could see a part of your collection also ! Happy Christmas to you.

  3. You can see some toys on my Facebook page we are already friends there, but i'm very lazy to take photos, i have to force myself to put more, is my new year promise...
    Happy New Year,
    Marcelo Carvalho