Monday, December 19, 2011

Behold ! It's Getter Robot - and it talks ! Well, hmmm... kind of.

At the pull of the string it will mumble something in Japanese in your ear !

Getter Robot (talker), Masudaya, (repro),
Japan, 1998

Getter Robot (talker), Masudaya, (repro)
Japan, 1998


  1. Talkers are impressive to me, not only by the size but because they appeal for the real antique retro syle of the Golden Age of Toys, for a time that everything was done manually by know what i mean.
    Happy Christmas with all of
    everything...including Toys!
    Best Regards

  2. Yes, very true. The proportions are quite naive (nothing related to the diecasts, for example) Very ofthen these vynil toys were made the old way, piece by piece, in a rotating "vinyl injection" device. Colors were later on applied by hand mostly - so none is exactly the same. I really like the charm of these. I have a number of these on my wish list - but they are quite expensive... Thank you for your feedback and Happy Christmas to you and all your family!