Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tom Corbet Space Cadet

It is 1955... and kids are in front of the tube to watch Tom Corbet. It's in black and white but who cares, so is the universe ! As soon as the show began to have success on American) TV, tons of SPACE CADET items arrived on the market: rayguns, puzzles etc. This pair of dolls also cashed in on the show (and the show cashed in on a lot of sponsoring, like Kellogs Cornflakes etc.) Note the original boots on Dr Joan Dale. All of these dolls had a sleeping-eye mechanism, and clothes stapled on them (hello toy safety !)

Tom Corbet and Dr. Joan Dale, Marcie Co,
USA, 1950's
Dr. Joan Dale, Marcie Co,
USA, 1950's

Tom Corbet, Marcie Co, USA, 1950's

Tom Corbet (detail), Marcie Co,
USA, 1950's

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