Sunday, December 5, 2010

Batmissile Batmobile - where is Pfeifer ?

Batmissile Batmobile, Kenner, Mexico, 1992
When Tim Burton directed this new movie with Michael Keaton in 1989, he said the following: "I will return if the sequel offers something new and exciting," "Otherwise it's a most-dumbfounded idea."

With the help of Bob Kane, amongst others he turned the movie much darker than the first one.

Michelle Pfeifer in her Catwoman outfit became instant icons for all of us geeks out there, and Dani de Vito played a very obscure role as the Penguin.

The Batmobile remained the same as the one designed for the first movie, but it had one big new feature: it could drop both wings of to turn itself into the Batmissile, and like this escape all the bad guys. Kenner toys of Cincinati made a very good (and huge) toy of this vehicle, with wings popping out at the touch of a button.

Catwoman, Applause, Philippines,

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