Saturday, October 3, 2015

France ? Time to do some laundry, please !

OK, and don't forget the "cadeau Bonux" - little prize toys (a little bit like Cracker Jack's) that were hidden in the bucket of laundry powder. This was one of the ways Procter & Gamble France was able to sell the Bonux brand with very little advertising efforts. The prize in each package was enough for eager kids to influence their parents at the point of sales.

Lessons in drawing... note the "BONUX" lettering on the front left thigh of each figurine.
On the backpack, one can read in very small lettering "REX" and "DÉPOSÉ"

Astronautes, BONUX, France, 1950's-60's 

Very small backpacks... not really good for long spacewalks !

Size : small (seen here next to a Best Spaceman with gun to give a scale)

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