Saturday, October 17, 2015

Buick XP-300 from Tootsie

Every spacegirl needs one !
Hey, fins !

The prototype was built by GM's Buick division in 1951 - all aluminium body - disk brakes - and an advertised speed of 140 Mph due to a supercharged V-8. Soon after, kids all over the US could play with their version. Unfortunately, their parents never got the possibility to buy the real deal...

Big hood, big trunk - but not a lot of legroom !

What's at the back ? a nuclear reactor ?

Futuristic car, Tootsietoys, 1950's, USA

Really a design that will give lots of elements to various GM car until the end of the 1950's : chrome (lots of...), fenders, side panelling etc.

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Buick XP-300 (the real thing) (img. source: )

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