Sunday, March 24, 2013

The one ring...

Mime and the ring,
Furuta, Japan, 1999
...forged out of the Rheingold 

What do you get when you get Wagner, Harlock, Alberich, the Valkyries and the gods of the Walhalla together ? Maybe one of the darkest OAV's in the Matsumoto universe... Harlock Saga.

Check here for the story : wikipedia

Cosmodragoon, Furuta, Japan, 1999
Toshiro's bird, Furuta, Japan 1999

Others call it the Arcadia...
Deathshadow,  Furuta, Japan 1999

Mime the organ player... Furuta, Japan 1999
Captain Harlock, Furuta, Japan 1999

Emaraldas, Furuta, Japan 1999

Toshiro, Furuta, Japan 1999

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