Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Read to change your world !

This post is dedicated  to the woman I love and her passion for children's books. She passed the joys of reading to our son. Without her, I don't even know if this blog would have existed. Thank you Chia.

Marc l'Astronaute, Collection Poupard,
Artima, Tourcoing, 1971...
...1979 reedition. Juan Ferrandíz

This is probably THE book that made me collect things from space and made me dream of the future when I was a kid... It had it all, from space scooters to flying dishes and fruit that could be modified to taste whatever flavour/dish you wanted.

On the last page, there is even a local "alien" with what seems to be a tabet in his hand... 40 some years before the IPAD was born... Quite visionary.

The original title was "Amadeo Astronauta". Juan Ferrandíz, the author, became famous for his drawings and figurines of children and angels and for his nativety scenes. Read more about him here : Wikipedia - Spain.

Planète BIRBA !

fruit that taste like codfish...

cars ? who needs them ?

Atomic power was the energy of the future...

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