Monday, January 7, 2013

Matsumoto's WW2 planes...

In the gems of Matsumoto's mangas, there is a little OAV of 3 different stories called "The Cockpit" that just hits the point. Nothing to do with Harlock or any other space pirate, but with the harsh reality of WW2 (as seen obviously from a "Japanese" point of view). These little kits (read - hard to built for bulky fingers) are based on the serie... (even though the skull and crossbones and "Death Herlock" is seen on one of the Me262a - strange !)


Mitsubishi A6M5 model 52

Mitsubishi A6M5 model 52 (roll-out)

Me262 A
Me262 A

Nakajima KI-43 (?) (training version)
Nakajima KI-43 (?)

Box-Art - is it Herlock ?
Dust-jacket for OAV

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