Tuesday, January 8, 2013

B-52 for space-travel ?

Take a Learjet cabin, V-shaped B-52 wings with 2 turrets at the end (sorry, "wing tip observation platforms") and voila ! Got yourself an Interplanetary Mystery Space Ship that defies gravity ! All for 49 cents! No - in fact you get 2 of them - and they are touted as unbreakable (well, I have heard that before - that's why I had to re-glue a reactor on the blue ship !).

They come with 2 anti-gravity poles (plastic sticks on a base) and due to the weights in the wing's turrets, they will magically teach kids about points of equilibrium and such...

So yes, "mysteriously" floating in a tip of a rope... Definitely a toy from before silicon chips ! High technology - yet highly simple.

Interplanetary Mystery Space Ships, Concordia, USA, 1950's

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