Sunday, October 28, 2012

the Burton Batmobile...

When Tim Burton took a shot at the Batman franchise, he needed to create a whole new car from scratch to be a dark nemesis against the baroque of the Gotham city he imagined. This is what it became... Bearing some "must have" from previous models, like the reactor, the wings, ... it had a much sober, more industrialized design.

Batmobile, Toybiz (?), China, 1989
Roof? what roof? Bats likes to go topless. No markings,
presumably China, 1989-1990

Happy-meal Batmobile for Batman Returns

With obviously the "Batmissile" mechanism, McDonald's
China, 1991

Super Deformed Barmobile, Hotwheels, Malaysia, 1990's

Batmobile, Hotwheels, Malaysia, 1990's

Batmobile, beach-toy, no markings

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