Monday, October 15, 2012

Génération Galactik - "Coup de Coeur"

A great new book came out for all of you out there that are from the génération Goldorak - it's called "Génération Galactik" and by opening it you will just understand how kid's from the 70ies and 80ies in France (and Belgium, Switzerland...) were living their dreams with toys (and stickers, bowls, lamps, even bed-linen and pillowcases !) of their heroes.

Génération Galactic, une enfance dans les étoiles,
Vincent Dubost, Hors Collection, 2012- ISBN 978-2-258-00000-0

Merci Vincent ! Amitiés du Portugal !

It has it all ! Japanese Popy toys - French costumes and masks - stickers - and even the oh-so elusive "Goldorak" lamp !

Thanks for giving us back a piece of our childhood !

You can order this book directly with the publisher: or on Fnac, Amazon... Check also !

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