Monday, September 12, 2011

The toy of a generation...

Grandizer and Spazer, POPY, Japan,
If there is one toy that any kid would want on his wishlist for Christmas in the late 70'ies, that would be it. It really marked a generation. (= the "génération GOLDORAK" like the French kids from my age are called - yes, I am 40 !).

Mine has been played with, retouched (the paint on the torso tends to go away after so many ejections of the spazer / saucer) but I still managed not to loose any of the accessories on my school's playground. (I should have been 8 or 9 at the time). There are slightly different versions of this toy - and there is even one where the robot is sold separately, in the Shogun Warriors line. I really am glad I kept mine all these years - because buying it back today would cost o fortune. The robot is heavy diecast with plastic accessories, the spazer is plastic with foldable wings.

Oh yes, I forgot ... the missiles fire - as well as the fists of the robot. AND NO, I did not loose an eye playing with that thing.... other times, really !

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