Monday, September 19, 2011

Hmmm - let's take the pink one tonight to fly-drive through space, Honey !

Another one of my FDL-finds (Feira da Ladra - big Lisbon flea market): this futuristic finned car obviously was part of some kind of launch mechanism (it is all tin and has a spring in the back "reactor"). I found a similar one called "SHOO-TA rocket" racer toy car on the web. They say it was made in  1947 by the C.Rushton and Co., Melbourne, Australia - but it had black rubber wheels... (mine are more greenish) I have doubts that any Australian toy made it to Lisbon in the late 40ies or 50ies, so maybe once again just a swap of molds from one toymaker to another. So maybe English - or Portuguese ?  If you have more information on this please contact me.

Futuristic car, ?, ?,
And this is the Melbourne newspaper add:

(photo Steven Baker)

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