Friday, September 3, 2010

Star Wars

Diecast Millenium Falcon, Kenner, USA, 

Diecast Snowspeeder, Kenner, USA
One of my favorite movies of all time (yes, I know I'm a geek), Star Wars and sequels have long been seen as the first success story of licensing. George Lucas did not get a lot of money out of his movies, but the rights of everything else linked to the Star Wars universe made him rich, very very...

Diecast Y-Wing with bomb, Kenner, USA,
So it is no wonder that kids all over the world began playing with Darth Vaders and Speeder Bikes and X-Wing fighters... The whole story of good vs bad, princesses and light saber battles just was too good not to be re-enacted. And here steps in a toy company from Cincinnati, Ohio, that did take some risks and succeeded beyond all hope: Kenner toys.

Group of original Star Wars action figures, Kenner, USA,

Group of original Star Wars action figures, Kenner, USA,

Biker Darth, Play-By-Play, Spain,

This Vader was found on the Lisbon fleamarket "Feira da Ladra". I don't know if the jacket is original to the doll, but it sure goes well together. I don't know if there is a space Harley Davidson somewhere in a Universe , far far away...
R2D2 and C3PO, Kubrick, Medicom Toy Corp., Japan

This pair was found during a business trip to Hong Kong. Incredible toy stores. Lots of robots and stuff. Will go back there with more $$$ to spend next time !

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