Monday, September 6, 2010

Astroboy - Tetsuwan Atom

This is a toy blog, nothing political about it. Even so, I would like to present this new post as a response to the alarming signals coming from France, Italy and pretty much everywhere else lately. In a global world, differences are not welcome. In France, the land of the "liberté, fraternité, égalité", people are not equal anymore. You have 2 citizens, one born in France, another that "earned" his citizenship (I say earned, because, believe me, if you have to go through Foreign Citizens Offices in any country of the world, you will soon learn what "second zone" means...). Both should be equal, right ? Nope. If you were not born French, one mistake and out you go...back to the country you tried to get out in the first place (don't let anybody argue that gypsies are welcome in Romania either... because they are as welcome there as the Kurds in Turkey). Well, this current state of the world leads to the next character... Created by Osama Tezuka, he is probably the most humane of all. He represents tolerance, and everything else that is good in human kind. His name is Tetsuwan Atom. We know him as Astroboy.

Astroboy (diecast), Y (Yonezawa ?), Japan

Astroboy was created by men, then unwanted by them. He is a mixture of Asimov's "robotic laws" ("no robot shall harm a human") but much more so. During his adventures in manga and on the TV screen, he always tried to help people live in peace with each other, being it humans with robots, or aliens, or nature, or themselves.

He is young and pure and invincible and ... he is more human than any human could ever be.

Astroboy (copy of Biliken toy), China

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