Sunday, June 3, 2018

My favorite playset ?

The box is already a piece of art in itself, measuring a whopping 33 cm high on 60 cm wide... different sets were made, and were hand assembled with different spacecraft and figurines depending on the availability. Mine has 10 figurines and 3 spacecraft.

Figurines were stapled to the baseplate (thermovacuumed plastic) and spacecraft were held in place with rubber bands...long perished at this day and age.

Thunderbird 2 - silver version - is located in one of the craters...

Parker, Lady Penelope and Brains. The spying at the left, the engineering at the right.

...and of course you have the Hood, International Rescue's arch enemy that wants to steal the plans of the Thunderbirds craft and sell them to the highest bidder...

All figurines in my set were hand-painted,,, sometimes using the right colours of the TV show...

...and sometimes not !

The silver UFO is in fact a battery holder. (the old big chunky square ones...)

Here seen closed. The battery makes the translucid red star-shaped sattelite in the background blink. Groovy !

Thunderbird 4 got a two-tone paintjob ! 

El Alunizaje playset (Thunderbirds), Comansi, Spain, 1970's

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