Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Gerry Anderson's Portuguese STINGRAY submarine

Portugal did not make a lot of Sci-Fi based toys, but this one is a rare exception. It is listed in the book "O Brinquedo em Portugal" from Carlos Anjos and João Arbués Moreira (see bibliography) in the section of 1961/1970 toys - as "Carro Espacial - desconhecido" (Space Car - maker unknown). It is 22cm long and came in different color schemes (some with the top "cockpit" part in a different color of plastic - some with the torpedo tubes painted red instead of black etc.)

Was it a copy of another existing toy ? If you have some information on this please let me know.

A big thank you to the fellow toy-collector who helped me get this one into my collection !

No markings unfortunately...

Stingray, ?, Portugal, 1960's

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