Saturday, November 4, 2017

And another holy grail ! The Ceji Capitaine Flam !

Capitaine Flam (Captain Future), CEJI Arbois, Hong Kong 

There have been 2 Mego sized dolls made of Captain Future in the 80ies when the cartoon came out. The boxed Italian Mattel version (see here) and the carded French CEJI version.

The CEJI version was based on the same body used for Go Nagai's "Actarus / Duke Fleed / Daisuke Umon" and "Alcor / Kabuto Kōji" dolls, which were quite a sales success during the "Goldorak" years in France. The "Capitaine Flam" doll, unfortunately, was not as widely distributed or produced as the Goldorak dolls, which makes it quite hard to find.

Detail (face and torso)... you still could see the old logo of
TF1 on the card...
Furthermore, the main issue with these dolls (both the Goldorak ones and this Capitaine Flam) was the quality of the plastic/rubber used for the joints and the hands, which crumbled in fine dust. This means that it is next to impossible to find one today that has not had to be restored at some point (like this one). For you out there that have one in pieces, I recommend the book "La Clinique du Pr. Kelp Tome 1" (see bibliography - ISBN 2-35250-007-9 - pg. 22-29) where they explain how to make new joints and new molds for the hands.

The torso, belt and
guns are quite realistic !
If you compare this image to the toy, the colors have been well
respected ! Much more so than the Mattel version.

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