Monday, October 9, 2017

Sniks ? what is a Snik ?

Baseball Astrosnik and rocket, Bully, Germany, 1981

With the success of the Smurfs (Schtroumpfes, Pitufos, Smurfen...) came a number of non-Peyo look-alikes. The Snorkels had their thing in the deep waters of the ocean, and these little guys called (Astro)Sniks had their story in space.

I just found that rocket (marked SNIK-X1 !) on the flea market of Lisbon 2 weeks ago... The little Snik itself is a "retooling"of a similar Smurf figurine. Nice way to go Bully ! Just take a Schleich figurine design, modify it a little and voilà ! No royalties paid I guess...

For the little story, Bully even edited some Comics and other merchandising, but unlike their Belgian blue cousins they never got the TV cartoon treatment...

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