Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lightsaber with gun attached ? Ulysse (s) 31

I still find things I never knew existed, even of my favorite series. This lightsaber/laser pistol belongs to this category. Somebody said the lightsaber was a more elegant weapon for more elegant times... now attach a laser pistol in the handle and you are ready for the Gods of Olympus !

Ulysse 31 saber, A.G. Excominsa, Spain, 1982

Simple toy, water squirter thing, I guess to be sold in Spanish newspaper kiosks or beach stores, hanging from the ceiling with hooks or something similar ? Exists also with yellow handle/gun.

No marking on the toy, only on the card...

For scale, with a plastic Popy figurine


  1. Cool cartoon! I've never heard of this one, adding to my watch list. Have you seen any English dubs?

  2. Yes, some of them are even visible on Youtube. Please search under "ulysses 31"