Thursday, November 17, 2016

Diecut sheet of space scraps / cards

My latest find on the Feira... a full sheet of very cool English space-images from a company called MPL. Anyone got more information about these ?

(from top left to bottom right:)

1. Recharging energy in space for a further journey
2. International landing stage for goods traffic
3. Catapult safety seats for space ships
4. Tourist travel by combined hotel-space omnibus
5. Mooring tower, with rocket platforms, on Mars
6. A space rocket from Earth landing on Venus
7. Outer-space meteorological observatory
8. Landing on the Moon

(from top left to bottom right:)

1. Mid-ocean emergency landing stage
2. Wingless, death-ray fighter planes
3. Hospital space-ship
4. An echelon of flying saucers
5. A solo rocket helicopter
6. Interplanetary power station and maintenance depot
7. Space hydroplane on a lagoon on Jupiter
8. A giant interspace transport rocket

1 comment:

  1. Are they part of the 1959 Sailing into Space series of cards by Barratt Geoffrey?