Saturday, November 21, 2015

Can you make it disappear ? Oh James...

Corgi JR and Coibel models side by side
Of course ! A blue car in a blue ocean not to get spotted... Why did Q not think about this earlier ? His Spanish colleagues of the MI cinco (yes, the MI 5 in Spain) did. And they went the extra mile to use a British Lotus Esprit. (nobody wants to be seen driving in a Seat over there, not even their secret

James Bond Lotus Esprit S1, Coibel, Spain, 1977
For the fun facts: Coibel did a number of James Bond guns and rifles at the time, and this car. Why did they paint it blue to start ? Nobody knows. But since it does not show any indication of copyrights, maybe it was just so they could not get sued by the studios....~

Read mote about the real car here.

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  1. C'était encore avec Roger Moore... que de souvenirs!