Thursday, May 1, 2014

Microman... and women ?

Microman (?) with sarcophagus, China, 1999

Why the Statue of Liberty ? 

In toy history, the Microman toy line from Takara (Japan) has great importance and paved the way to the oh-so-popular Transformer toys in the 80ies. The toy line started in Japan in 1974, and some of the figures soon made their way to the USA under the Micronauts toy-line (imported directly through Mego Corp.)

Some really cool web-sites are devoted to these, and are worth checking :

Supergril, Takara, China, 2006
Packaging all pink and girly !

The nice thing about these figurines is that they are/were fully articulated. While Kenner and Palitoy were making stiffness the norm in their Star Wars / Action Force lines, Takara on the other hand was able to get about 30 (yes, thir-ty !) arculation points in their line. And all of this in a 3 3/4 inch figurine !

Furthermore, they came with ton of accessories, and could swap out parts from one figurine to another. At a certain point, they even introduced figurines with magnetized joints ! Tomy - Takara is continuing the line nowedays...

Magneforce ! or magnetic joints...
Icurus, Takara, China, 2005

Microsister Orga, Takara, China, 2005
No need for surgery, doc !

Evangelion set, Takara, China, 2007
Extra hands, weapons, display stands, ... 

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