Saturday, August 10, 2013

Action Force

Watt / Security Trooper - seems more like a dude in a HAZ-MAT suit...
After the success of the Star Wars line of action figurines, lots of other companies started to use 3.75" figurines for their toy-lines. The same happened with UK based Palitoy, who needed to find urgently a cheaper line of toys to replace their Action Man (GI Joe) 12" figurine lineup. Hence the Action Force line of toys. The designs were military (Ex. SAS figurines) and Sci-Fy, like in this case. The first figurines were built without any joints at elbows or knees, just like the original Star Wars toys. Later on, they would modify the design and merge the AF line with the ever so popular smaller GI Joe action figures.

Sattelite Defense, Palitoy, HK, 1980's
Hey ! I got cannons !

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