Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pneumatic and Sound -controlled ?

L'Atlantis, Joustra, France, 1979

The cannons can launch plastic discs !

These are the big plastic ships that were available in France (see A2 logo - second channel) when the Captain Harlock ("Albator 1978") cartoons first aired. Since Takara has made these for the Japanese market, I guess they sent molds to France to get them made and packaged there, or maybe it was just a "sticker and box"-swap... The Arcadia had a sound controlled mechanism with a clicker that made the ship run in circles and shoot the discs.

The Cosmowing ("Aviscoupe" in French) had no batteries whatsoever, but used a clever system (but not very strong) of air to launch the bullet car and the missiles. The back tower of the ship served as pump.

Cosmowing and Bullet Car 

... with missiles
Ready to pump ? Aviscoupe, Joustra, France, 1979

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