Saturday, November 3, 2012

El Batiauto del Don Carmelo

Batiauto, Juguetes Don Carmelo, Argentina, 1960's-70's

The caped crusader was very popular in South America - and lots o local toy companies tried to cash in on the phenomenon. Bichi was probably the best known - with battery op. versions of the Lincoln futura and Batboat.

But they definitely did not compete in size with Juguetes Don Carmelo, who issued this gigantic Batmobile. Different versions exist, some black, some blue, some with drivers, others without etc. Details like launcher tubes were also added on later models. 

The box is generic to the company - and very colourfull, with a large black and white label on the lid.

The box had fantstic artwork of cowboys and indians !

Lots of cranes in Buenos Aires' Gotham version...

Size comparaison with Corgi and HW toy
It says it all

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