Thursday, August 16, 2012

A big little ship... the COSMOLINER !

Captain Future Cosmoliner DX, Popy, Singapore, 1980
If the Comet ("Cyberlabe" in French) was OK to explore galaxies, the Cosmoliner ("Cosmolem") was the spaceraft used to search and travel shorter distances within a planet's atmosphere (a little like the shuttle in Star Trek leaving the enterprise). Much swifter than it's big brother - but of the same design. It came with the  figurines that were sold separately in the 3 heroes set (see:

Popy catalogue with ordering slip, 1980 (source unknown)
The 3 heroes... also available separately in a box.
Big ship, with 2 seats, just like in the cartoon...

Honeymesh reactors

cockpit details

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