Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leji Matsumoto

Because laughing with oneself is a characteristic that is essential to any great artist - having a figurine made up to your "cartoonish" self is not that bad either.

The father of Galaxy Express, Captain Harlock and Yamato/Starblazer's, to name but a few, has that honour...

Leji Matsumoto figurine, K.K. Comics,
 the toy...
...and the master!


  1. Le "Maître" est aussi marrant que son personnage! Ah, ces Japonais...que serait-on sans eux...

  2. ;) Personne n'a encore fait une figurine de Hergé ! Ça serait chouette ! (dans les dessins animés, on le voit en reporter / photographe...)