Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Rex ! Don't chew on my Mazinger... Good dog !

Mazinger "pet toy" (no markings), ?
Sometimes the strange and weird come along the life of a collector. Why did they do it ? Who would give a rubber chew Mazinger to their favorite pet ? The rubber in this case is very thin. Any teeth would have destroyed it in seconds...

So now you know what ex-employees of Bandai, Popy, Bullmark etc. do when they get fired. They copy toys and give them to Rotweilers for destruction !


  1. Dude, this Mazinger knock-off is definitely not from the 1990s... Or if it is, they've kept producing it for an awfully long time ! I had it as a kid as early as 1980. I was 5 years old then so my memories are pretty hazy, but I do believe my Mom bought it for me while we were on a trip to Switzerland (I'm French).

    For years, it stayed in a cardboard box in my mom's basement. Only a couple of years ago I had the idea of taking a look at my old toys and stumbled upon good-old "bathtub rubber duck" Mazinger here... Boy, the effect of cold and humidity on these guys is not a pretty sight. Mine is now all shriveled, twisted and broken.

    Thanks for keeping your specimen in good shape and posting pics of it on the net, it's a real nostalgia trip!

  2. Thank you JayWicky - I corrected the date. Since there were no markings whatsoever and I found this toy here in a store in Portugal - I had no clue. I will try to keep it out of the water though - never a good effect on toys !