Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stereoscopic images ? Try the View-master

Before the age of Wii's and I-somethings, kids were just plain happy to entertain themselves with this. 2 Identical images on a revolving disk giving the viewer an impression of depth. Basically, 3-D technology with bigger glasses !

Wikipedia says there have been about 25 models of viewers produced, and about 1.5 billion disks. Here are 2 packs of reels from my favorite heroes. Interesting thing is that lots of the disks and viewers produced for this were made in Belgium, the country in which I grew up.

Ulysse 31 reels, View Master Int., Belgium,
Albator reels, GAF, Belgium,

No wonder this toy got itself into the list of the U.S. toy Hall of Fame ( together with other best-sellers like Barbie dolls or Duncan Yo-yo's.

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